Adam Benjamin Van Gorkom
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Adam Benjamin Van Gorkom

July 17, 1979 - January 31, 2005

Adam Benjamin Van Gorkom

I remember the day just like it happened yesterday,
When Mom called me and told me what you had tried,
It hurt so much inside just of the thought of what you had tried,
To end your life because of all you held inside,
I went to them and saw Aaron's face,
No one bothered to tell me you had already left his place,
It hurt so bad to think that I would never get a change,
To apologize for the things I had said to you out of anger,
All I hear is dwelling on this will only lead to anger,
But the danger has come and gone with you,
And left an empty hole,
Inside my soul,
There will always be a place for you in my heart,
Even though we are not apart,
I will remind your son everyday of the wonderful person you were,
In every way,
And make sure he knows,
He is loved just as you were and always will be.

I will love you and miss you always Adam
-Love your little sis-Lauren

Memorial Submitted by: Julie Mooney
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Adam Benjamin Van Gorkom
last modified: April 4, 2005