Dustin Lee (Sheppard) Harper
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Dustin Lee (Sheppard) Harper


Dustin Lee (Sheppard) Harper

Dustin was born Febuary 13, 1975 in Iowa City, Iowa to Deborah Sheppard. He grew up in the home of his Great Great Aunt Dorothy and Uncle George Nott. He attended Seton Catholic School his entire elementary years. He graduated from Ottumwa High School in 1992. He attended Indian Hills Community College and was only a few credits short of graduating.

Dustin was a very artistic man. He loved to write stories, songs, and poems. And he had the most magnificient voice to sing with. He loved to draw, especially cars from the 50's and he was really good at it. He loved to refinish old run down furniture... giving it new life.

Dustin and I fell in love when he was a freshman in highschool. We spent 3 yrs apart after high school. We met one day for coffee and knew at first sight that we belonged together. August 29th, 1998 we were married in a double ceremony with my brother, Jason, and his wife, Lindsay, in St. Paul Congregation UCC by Katherine Mulhern. Unlike most marriages, where the women takes the man's last name... Dustin took my last name.

We had two children. Our first, Matthew Lee Harper was stillborn in 1993. Christian Jerold Harper, aka CJ, was born April 24th, 1999 and was only two when his daddy died.

Dustin was my high school sweetheart, my husband, my lover, the father of my children, my soul-mate.

Dustin... I love you! and I miss you so much, hun!

Love Always, to eternity and beyond

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Dustin Lee (Sheppard) Harper
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