Christopher Todd Witt
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Christopher Todd Witt

02/19/73 - 06/06/97

A mother understands what a child does not say.....Proverb

Christopher Todd Witt

My beautiful son was one in a million. He was an angelic baby. I mean that not only in looks but behavior. He was almost perfect. He hardly ever cried, always smiled and cooed, and anywhere we went with him, people would stop and comment about what a good baby he was, and how cute he was. Then came the terrible twos, and terrible they were.

This once, perfect baby, suddenly was full of the devil himself. Oh the things he would get into were unbelievable.

Chris being our second child, our house had been baby proofed already. The only thing I had unlocked was a bottle of aspirin, as headaches used to plague me. I kept this one, adult proof bottle on the top shelf in the medicine cabinet, in the bathroom in our bedroom.

I was making cookies one day and a girlfriend stopped by with her 3 year old daughter. The kids were playing out on the back screened in porch, and had a plate of cookies and milk. My friend and I were in the kitchen, while I was taking out another tray of cookies. I had a pass through window from the kitchen to the back porch so we could keep an eye on the kids. I looked up and didn't see Chris. I asked Joell where her brother was. She went looking and came running in the kitchen saying "Mommy, Chris is sitting in your sink, with white stuff in his mouth." I went flying and sure enough, that little guy, pulled himself up on the toilet, from there onto the bathroom vanity, and stood up on that opened the medicine cabinet, pulled down the bottle of aspirin and opened it. When I got there, I started pulling out chewed aspirin from his mouth, and whisked him in the car, with Joell, off to the doctors office with the nearly empty bottle of aspirin in my purse.

My girlfriend called my parents and they met me at the doctors office and took care of Joell. They admitted Chris. I stayed with him. They did blood work to see how much was in his system. The doctor had me force fluids down him. They wanted to get him to vomit, if not they would have to pump his stomach, but thank God for Epikak, or whatever that solution was that made him vomit. I stayed with Chris all night long. They did not want Chris to sleep. I had to keep walking him up and down the halls, and keep him from dosing off, and keep drinking fluids. By morning his blood work, showed near normal levels. The doctor then laid me out in lavendar, for having aspirin around where he could get into it. He told me Chris could have died, or bled internally, or gone deaf. I was lucky, very lucky, and I thank God for that.

Throughout his school years Chris was always in the limelight. He was very smart and was in the gifted classes at school. He wrote poetry that was entered into contests that the Pasco Times ran each month. He won numerous times, getting his picture in the paper, and his poem as well.

He was artistic as well. In junior high-school, they had a contest for designing the cover for the school year book. Chris drew a patriot, and he won. It was the cover of his year book, and the also used the patriot on numerous letterhead forms.

In high-school things changed somewhat. Chris was not applying himself and was doing poorly. I attributed a lot of it to the divorce his father and I went through. Chris was changing. I say this in retrospect knowing now that he suffered with bipolar illness, and borderline schizophrenia, and a self mutliating disorder, which was not diagnosed until his 20s. Regardless of all of that, he was Chris, my son, my beautiful son. He still was a very caring young man. We were very close, all of us, Joell and Chris and I.

Joell and Chris shared a very special closeness, perhaps because of the closeness in their ages. Their friends were always surprised when they learned that they were brother and sister. Many of them would say, there is no way they would want their brother or sister hanging around with them. There were always a lot of their friends in and out. Many, many wonderful memories.

When they got their apartments, it was in the same complex, one at one end and the other at the other end. I would love to stop by and visit with them. They looked out for each other.

Chris was gifted in his music as well. He composed music. Unfortunately, he did so in his head, and didn't write any of it down on paper. There is one song in particular that I honestly thought belonged in a broadway musical. Well at least I have a video of him performing it on stage, at a wedding he and his friend performed at.

Chris was my beautiful son, my handsome son, my caring and supportive son, who suffered the last part of his life with mental illness that made his life a living hell. The pain became too great to bear. On June 06, 1997, Chris had all he could take. He ended his life.

He believed in life after death as I do. We had many lengthy discussions about this subject. I know that I will be with him again one day. I also believe, that his spirit is here with me now. I love you son.

Memorial Submitted by: Malene McCarthy
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Christopher Todd Witt
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